As a business owner are you asking yourself?:

"How can I generate more targeted leads?"

"Where are my competitors getting their clients?"

"How can I get my message to my target audience, quickly, whenever I want to?"

"How can I make my marketing more predictable, trackable, and efficient?"

"What is the best way to automate and scale my marketing?"

"How do I stop wasting dollars on methods that don't work?"

Then Clicks for Clients Can Help You!

I ran my first pay per click ad in 2003 and from there I was hooked.  What an amazing way to get new customers and visitors to a website!  Google Adwords allowed us to get the word out to people who were actively looking for what we had and everything could be tracked, measured and improved.  

The internet would never be the same

In 2007 I ran my first  Facebook paid ad knowing the enormous potential social networks would have for marketers looking to get the word out to customers.

Over the years I have marketed software, physical products, digital products, produced a podcast, and have consulted with dozens of  businesses helping them market their services using the best methods and tools available at the time.

In 2017 the opportunities to get new customers are more varied and powerful than ever.  They are also more complex and require a greater degree of specialization.

Clicks for Clients is for business owners who want to get new customers in the most cost effective way by combining targeted lead generation and website optimization to improve conversion.

Clients typically need help with getting more targeted visitors to their website or converting those visitors into customers. 

We are currently offering managed services for  Facebook Paid Advertising,  and Sales Funnel Deep Dive

Every service starts with a one on one consultation where we figure out the next step to take your business to the next level.